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The “Settle Your Score” campaign was created by a unique marriage of documentary photography and campaign filmmaking. The agency, Kansas City based Barkley, found it’s mood board for an upcoming campaign dominated by photographer Robert Clark’s celebrated “Friday Night Lights” photo project. Sensibly, they reached out to the celebrated photographer to see if he’d be available to photograph and direct the project, the latter role being totally new to Mr. Clark. At Robert’s request, PF77 teamed up with himself and the creative team to help guide the filmmaking, produce the stills capture and oversee the editorial process. Instead of trying to adapt a filmmaker to the task, the idea was to adapt the task to the photographer. The result was an award winning series of films and photo campaign that would go on to win a Clio, multiple ADDYs, a Reggie, and would be featured as both an Adweek Ad of the Day and as a USA Today story.



New Palestine

Dear Seniors

Camp Ability

Stare Down What Haunts You